What are “science based targets”?

Climate science terminology filters through slowly to religious institutions so this post explores an approach to reducing carbon emissions that was first implemented in 2015. Being fair, the scheme is aimed at large multi-national business so we can, perhaps, be forgiven for not being a little slow on the up-take. Having said this it provides a much more reasoned and practical response to the climate … Continue reading What are “science based targets”?

What is the carbon footprint of the average person in the UK?

A recent Methodist “Action for Hope” report states that the carbon footprint for the average person in the UK is 4.85 tonnes per person. I’ve recently calculated mine with carbonIndependent which states the average is 14.1 tonnes and with the WWF who use a target of 10.56 tonnes (for 2021). How can these be so different, and which one is correct? Continue reading What is the carbon footprint of the average person in the UK?

Living as God requires

The story of Naaman being healed of his leprosy (2 Kings 5:2-3, 5 & 9-14) was written a long time ago, way before anyone had an inkling that it might even be possible for human behaviour to lead to catastrophic climate change. Read today, however, the story can lead us to important truths about what it is appropriate to ask of God, and of what he might ask of us. Continue reading Living as God requires

Climate Justice – who emits and who suffers

This is the first short video laying out some of the facts about climate change as a discusssion starter. These are a key feature of the small group study material that I am now working on. The main source is a press release from Oxfam at the time of the CoP meeting in Glasgow in November 2021 which you can download at this link. Continue reading Climate Justice – who emits and who suffers